Book Review: My Jiffies

Note: Jiffy - (noun) a very short time; a moment. My Jiffies is a compilation of bite-sized stories and poems that capture the irony and amusement of the journey called life. The book navigates through seven different moods narrating diverse emotions and situations, observed or experienced by the author. It’s a string of jiffies reciting … Continue reading Book Review: My Jiffies

Book Review: My Journey with Vada Pav

If there is any single thing that would attest the marketing genius of this amazing chain, it would be this! When the book arrived for review, it came with a sample of the famed Vada Pav that had now gained great popularity. It was a clear attempt to make the reader decide for themselves about the credibility of the chain, and I was frankly amazed at the unique technique that told me why the author’s venture, Goli Vada Pav, stands apart from its counterparts.

Book Review: The Heavens We Chase

There are times when a novel is judged by its cover and title, rather than the blurb. This is one of those times. Our life goes in pursuit of better things, our heavens. The title The Heavens We Chase, along with a beautiful cover, appealed to me, and I took it up for review. The … Continue reading Book Review: The Heavens We Chase

Book Review: Mock, Stalk and Quarrel

“Good satire comes from anger. It comes from a sense of injustice, that there are wrongs in this world that need to be fixed.” – Carl Hiaasen Giving words and a voice to our emotions through stories, or verse, is a way to express them without having to directly say what is troubling us. The … Continue reading Book Review: Mock, Stalk and Quarrel

Book Review: Where the River Parts

Where The River Parts starts at the peak of India-Pakistan partition tension in 1946. It tackles partition, a hindu and muslim family's bonds, the intertwining love between two people - one from each family, the life after in free India and the life much after in USA. There is much that could have gone wrong in this narration but thankfully it doesn't.